May 13, 2014

Sleepy Dragon Games has officially released its first game for android devices. You can download the simple, but addictive game here. In addition to our first release, we are working on creating a free to download version of Story Builder. This way you can download the cards (sans images at this time), print them off, and enjoy the game while the art is slowly worked on. We expect to be able to release the PDF in November, so keep an eye out for that!

The New Face of Sleepy Dragon Games

November 20, 2014

We are excited to be relaunching Sleepy Dragon Games! In the coming weeks our first game, Boonk, will become available to download (for free) on any Android device.

Although we took a bit of a break after the disappointment of not reaching our funding goals, we have not been sitting idly by. We here at SDG have been re-envisioning what we want to offer to you. It has been decided that SDG will produce game apps in addition to board games.

For the time being, only our game apps are going to be available (many of which are going to be free to download). As we get our feet back under us we will attempt to resume development and production of our board games.

Starting with Story Builder, of course!

In addition to our games, we will also share some fun random generators that we've produced during our interweb silence. They're free to use, and any results you generate are yours to use in a D&D game, a story, or anywhere else you'd like! These can be found under the "More" area of our site, and the first one will be up and running on Friday, November 21st!

Keep an eye out for new releases and more updates in the coming weeks.

Indiegogo Campaign

August 5, 2013

Our Indiegogo Campaign is over now, and we are sad to report that we did not meet our goals. While we still fully intend to produce Story Builder, it is going to take longer to do. Right now, we can't say how much longer it's going to take, but keep an eye out.

Thank you to those who supported or shared our campaing. Even though we didn't meet our goal, your support means the world to us!








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